Anna Krahn.

MIHEC Student Profile: Anna Krahn

Growing up in far northern Minnesota, I always wanted to go to college, but there aren’t post-secondary options near me, so I’m applying to a program more than five hours away from home. I want to live independently, have a roommate, and have lots of friends.

Today, I’m in a transition program, work at a hotel, and can do the things college students need to do, like laundry. I’m really social, and what I like most about working is getting to see and talk with people at work. I wash dishes, sweep the floors, and do other things. Some of the people I work with are also part of my church family. I’m a Sunday School teacher at church, leading songs, putting up videos on the screen, and helping out with the kindergarteners.

In my free time, I keep journals and write and draw about space. It’s something I started doing after I saw a movie about a special education class that went to space camp at NASA, a true story. Stars and planets are like a dream world to me, and my favorite planet is Saturn.

Another part of me is all about dancing. I’ve got some pretty good dance moves and I like to use them to make people smile and be happy. Being from a small town, I’ve taken dance lessons, T-ball, Zumba, and other classes that weren’t just for students with Down syndrome. I was mixed in with everybody, which is something that’s important for me to find at college, too.

If you’re thinking about applying for college, I would say, "You’ve got this." You’re not a kid anymore, so go for it!