Brynn Sexton.

MIHEC Student Profile: Brynn Sexton

I have a special, dream job that I completely want, and that is to be an American Sign Language interpreter. I started using hand signals as a communication tool around age 2, and then I was introduced to ASL through watching Rachel Coleman’s Signing Time! video series. After that, I’ve just always wanted to keep going. In high school, I took ASL courses all four years and it was so fantastic. It was easy for me to learn and I’ve gotten a lot from it. I hope to complete an ASL certificate program, but to be an interpreter I’ll have to go for further education. So even though I’ve been studying a long time, we’re still in the initial part of the journey. I just want to do it and get it done.

Last year, I completed my first semester at North Hennepin Community College as part of Transition Plus, and I also testified at the Minnesota state house in support of higher education for students with disabilities. When the legislation passed and we were celebrating at the state capitol, I got to talk with Nic Zapko, the ASL interpreter for Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. I really love the way she signs.

During high school, I created a presentation on Marlee Matlin, an amazing deaf actor. I wrote about her history, her winning an Oscar and other awards, that she went to college, and all about her life.

I don’t have friends yet who are deaf, but in the future, I hope to meet some and I’d like to work with people who are deaf, as well as people who communicate better with sign.

Right now, I live with my parents and my brother, who will be moving to Oregon soon for college. For me, the next step after college is to be out in the community, working as an interpreter and living my life!